Thursday, 22 April 2010

What is Prosperity? How to increase it?

Money, winning the lottery, having a partner as multimillionaire: these are some of the desires that many people have in common. They represent the idea that many human beings have about Prosperity on this Earth. But is Prosperity just having all the money to satisfy every desire? What I would like to transfer to my readers is that to consider Prosperity just in terms of money is very limitative! Prosperity is much more than just money!

Very recently, I had a chat with a friend, who would like to win the lottery. I explained to her how to work vibrationally, and gave her practical examples about how to work on her desire. The problem is, that she doesn’t believe she is able to win the lottery. So, every time she goes to buy a lottery ticket, she is just “out of the game”, so to speak! And like her, many others with the same attitude! Last day, I explained to her that Prosperity can be whatever. It’s something we attract, like everything else, but it depends on if we are or not in a position of allowing.

When someone is in a good flow, being busy just in following it and believing that the Universe will take care of all the rest, is like to be on a “golden” platform. Those who are in the fantastic position of allowing start to see, one after another, incredible manifestations, almost everyday. Manifestations in all areas of life. Prosperity, too! And without focusing the attention too much on the desire to have money! Focusing on our flow, the most wonderful one, possibly, is the best we can do to attract everything, as well as Prosperity in our life.

Prosperity could be information that we have been looking for. This could be about a health issue or anything else, the solution to which comes at the right time. Prosperity could be the help of a friend or from someone else at the right time! Yes! at the right time, because if you follow your flow, you will discover that the right things/people, synchronicities will show up at the right time! I see in my life and in those of my clients, that when we set up goals and don’t think about them anymore, but rather focus on our flow, being connected to Source (God, Divine Matrix, Universe…), this gives a sensation of incredible happiness and euphoria.

If you are in a Wonderful Flow, your vibrations you send to the Universe will be at their best to match whatever you desire, in the case of prosperity, for example, you can start finding pennies (if you are in UK, of course!)! Yes, pennies from Heaven, like the famous song, sung by Frank Sinatra. Recently, one of my clients, during one of our coaching sessions, realised that many colleagues are offering her the lunch during her break! This is Prosperity! Receiving free food from a neighbour or from someone else is Prosperity, someone who can take care of your children, giving you the chance to go shopping…everything!

The more you will see all you have and receive in terms of Prosperity, the more you will attract it into your life! The exercise of appreciation is another important thing! Start to appreciate what do you have in your life. Everything! This way, you will attract more to be appreciative for! And I can assure you that Prosperity is part of “the Packet”!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


When we think to the word Love, we think to a partner, of people very close to us: a mother, a father, sister, brother, daughter…The list is very long. Anyway, very often, someone very important is missed: Yourself! Yes, Yourself! Many people love to put others at, the top of the list, helping others, giving an hand to others…and to themselves? Unfortunately, this is the most common problem: many people don’t love themselves, but they say to love others. How can you give something to others if you don’t have enough for yourself? Think about it!

Loving ourselves is so important, taking care of us in many ways, for example doing things we enjoy, taking a space just to be kind and gentle with ourselves. I know what you are thinking: I don’t have enough time! That’s a reply I hear from some people I know and from my clients. But if you really want to have that space just for you, I am sure you will find it, although you have children or you are a businessman/woman in career. Maybe, the problem is “Time management” and being more effective in the things you do! (maybe in another blog post!).

All starts from a lack of Self-Esteem, whose origin could be from the childhood or later, giving credit for example to other people (a teacher, an interviewer, a member of the family…), with a lack of self-esteem, too. I work a lot on Self-confidence for my clients, giving them some exercises to do and I see how they change the more they appreciate themselves! Recently, one of my clients, sent me a text, a morning, thanking me for the exercise I gave her, because, for the first time in her life, she discovered she had “such brown eyes”! Start to see how wonderful you are, the beauty in you and in everything! The more you will see beauty in you, in others and in everything around you, the more you will attract Beauty! The more you will love yourself, the more you will attract Love, because you being Love! “Magically”, you will become more and more “Attractive”! (there will be a queue for you! Lol!).

As soon as you will start to appreciate yourself more and more, you will increase your happiness and everyone, who is around you, will notice that! Others will step into your life and not vice versa, like once! Everyone will like to stay with you and to have you around. People won’t be aware why and maybe, even you! The reason is: you have increased your vibrations! If you increase them, you are connected to Source, you will be in a Wonderful Flow and manifestations will occur “magically” in your life: synchronicities, people, things you like…It was you to have this “Magic Power”, I mean the Infinite One within You!

Don’t be scared to experiment with something new, such as a new role as a job or anything else; don’t put bars around you, telling yourself: "I won’t be able to do that" or listening to others telling you that! Give credit just to your deepest part: follow your instincts, no matter what others say! The most important person to know your Value is You! Einstein met a teacher who told him to be very bad in maths: instead, what incredible result he had!

In your life, you will meet people who will undermine your self-esteem, but don’t fall into the trap! Think how wonderful you are and to your incredible Value! This way, no one can affect your self-esteem and your flow. No bars around you, but maybe a “Gum’s Wall”! Start here and now to put yourself at the top of the list. I like to say “We are all VIPs in God’s Eyes”, I mean we have an incredible Value. Just see it in yourself! Decide to see it in yourself! Decide to put the most important “Brick at your Base”: Self-Esteem!