About Me

Linda Lattuca

I’m Italian, born in Palermo (Sicily) and 41 years old. I live in London, since almost 2 years and I’m having one of the greatest periods of my life. Since 2002, I had the dream to motivate others, to help them in their self-development and now the dream came true, becoming a coach. Before 2002, I understood that something of extraordinary was happing to me. A series of synchronicities led me to read books, which changed my life (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Celestine Prophecy) and also to meet intuitive people. In 1994, I started to see the energy in everything and everyone, having also extra sensorial experiences and very special dreams (which are still in my mind after many years). I asked for a Master and I attracted him in my life.

In the meantime, I read other books of different Masters from India: Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yuktaswar, Babaji, Paramahansa Yogananda, Satya Sai Baba. In 1999, I started to practice Yoga and this opened me to many other fantastic experiences, such as martial arts and sailing. The practice of Karate was fundamental in understanding how energy flows and for my self development, too. Sailing is a great metaphor of life, one of the best ways to build team spirit, to stay in and with the elements (ether, water, fire, air, earth) and to absorb Prana (the vital Energy). For many years, everyday of my life, I cultivate my inner garden and I’m seeing incredible fruits.

I always loved helping others in their self development: I can say I coached so many people in my life, not being aware to do this practice, but having fantastic results in the lives of friends and people I knew. I use different medium for my coaching: mail, Skype and face to face. I am able to coach in different languages, especially in Italian, English and  Spanish. About Coaching, I completed a course with the London Coaching Academy and developed knowledge from different kinds of sources and experimenting different techniques by myself and with clients.  

I like dealing with people, personally and by phone, too. I am bubbly, positive thinking, creative, reliable and very precise person. My values are: Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Quality, Professionalism, Value. It is very easy for me dealing with people and all my experiences taught me to be empathic, intuitive and creative. I like travelling and working with people of different cultures and languages. One of my best gifts of my life is speaking almost 6 languages.
Moreover, I'm a Freelance Journalist for an Italian magazine, writing about Fashion, Gastronomy, Music, Events.

Previous professional experience: Journalist, Press-Officer (WTA and ATP Tennis Tournaments, Davis Cup), Marketing & Communications Manager (Food & Beverage), PR/Events Manager (Italian Wine Cellars). I have been an excellent student (if I may so), getting every time the maximum mark, in my country. I've a Master Degree (MBA), a University Degree in Foreign Languages (Italian Mother tongue; Fluent in English and Spanish; French and German -basic, a little of  Portuguese) and a Diploma as an Expert in Tourism.

In this period of my life, other synchronicities are helping me in carrying on with my self development, with my dreams and to develop more and more my intuitive part. The Law of Attraction is playing beautifully in my life, because my best activity is being too busy in following my wonderful flow.

My Vision

Looking at each seed grows in harmony with Nature, becoming  a unique example, aware of its colours, perfumes and characteristics, which is able to produce flowers and tasty fruits, which is able to exploit of the sunlight, drinks the water of the rain and absorbs the nourishment of the earth.

My Mission

Helping people to recognize and express potentialities and abilities at the best, exploiting of the precious leverage of uniqueness, building bridges towards the future. Overcoming inner obstacles, developing attitudes and behaviours, which can lead to excellent results. Helping people to expand their Light side, their Soul, by explaining the vibrational aspects and the role the Law of Attraction plays in our lives.