Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Power Within YOU, my Skypinar

"The Power Within"

is my Skypinar,

1 hour teleseminar on Skype,

on 5th October 2010 at 7pm UK time/12 CST

Cost: 27 $
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The Power Within, my Skypinar - 1 hour teleseminar on Skype - on 5th October at 7 pm UK time/12 CST

Align Yourself with your Desires,

Empower yourself,


Linda Lattuca
Inner Wisdom & Law of Attraction Coach

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

No depression...ACTION!!!

In this dimension, everything comes from a decision: everything, everything and everything. When we feel bad, for this reason, we can decide to change our feeling instantly by our will and our decision. It’s simpler than you can imagine, because the Truth is simple. When I deal with people with depression, I know what they feel.

When I was 20 years old, I was very affected by one of my first cousins, who I considered a sister, who went away from me, suddenly. I was doing something I didn’t enjoy, studying Economics. Inside myself, I knew that foreign languages were my passion since ever, but I tried to convince myself that a degree in Economics was more useful to find a job.

I was very frustrated and I couldn’t study; the failure of my first exam at university was a terrible experience, which affected me a lot, because I never failed before. For all these reasons, I went into the tunnel of a depression. I was only 20 years old and I remembered that although the summer weather was gorgeous, I preferred to lay in bed, doing nothing, just breathing. My decision was to play the role of a victim. I can’t forget my neighbour, a very smart old lady, was telling me: “Linda, what are you doing in bed? Go out, there is a beautiful sun!” I didn’t care about the dawn or the sunset, because it was the same for me.

One passion saved me from this depression: tennis. I loved to watch matches on TV. One day, during the ATP Tournament in Palermo, I met one person I knew, discovering she was working in that tournament. I started to dream to work like her was doing, during tennis tournaments. I started to take action, writing to a very important journalist I used to follow on TV and some other very important people from ATP Tour (the male professional tennis circuit). I had faith 100% that something positive was going to happen in my life, thanks to all the actions I took. And something of extraordinary happened.

One day, I received a call from the very famous journalist I wrote to and he advised me to contact a very famous one in tennis from the local newspaper of my region and who was the head of the press office, during ATP Tour and WTA Tour (the female professional tennis circuit) tournaments. I got an interview with him and he offered me to work with him in the most important tennis tournaments played in Palermo (WTA, ATP and others) and to write for the most important newspaper, in Sicily. I cried when I saw my signature on my first article about a volley ball match. I started to write and write articles, even about tennis. I became famous, especially in the journalism about tennis; very important and well-known magazines asked me for collaboration.

I became press officer during WTA and ATP tournaments, also interpreting, during press conferences and on the court at the final, from Italian into English and vice versa, talking in front so many people and having a show on TV. I worked even during the Davis Cup Italy-USA played in Palermo, in 1995, when I met the famous journalist who phoned me, expressing him all my gratitude for his call. WTA asked me to write an article, which was published all over the world. I met very famous tennis players, such as Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, the brothers Sanchez, Mary Pierce and the Italian one who won Roland Garros, recently: Francesca Schiavone. I mentioned only few of them. In the meantime, I understood I had to follow my passion at university. I changed faculty, starting to study foreign languages and a new one was Spanish. I was happier and happier, becoming journalist and studying what I enjoyed. My depression was at my back.

When we feel depressed, we are doing the play of our darkest side, fed by negative emotions, feelings and thoughts. We decide to follow that inner voice which is telling us: “feel bad, feel depressed so you will be at the centre of others attention…” Most of the times, depression hides a desire/need to be loved, the fear of the change like it was in my case, I understood later. Self-love is really important and when we practice it, we can’t feel depressed. We are in happiness, joy; we feel the excitement for what we are experiencing in our life.

I told a part of my story to convey you how action is important and how following our passions and dreams is so important. The depression is not showering above us; what I see to shower above us is a “rain of energy” 24 hours a day, this is the “daily bred”, “the famous Manna”. We can decide to feel good or bad; it’s our decision in every single moment of our life. I told myself I didn’t want to have this experience anymore in my life and although I had other tough moments, I tried to face them in a very different way, thanks to the spiritual teachings I receive, my experiences as channeller and more.

The Power is within us and it’s a great challenge and adventure to discover it. You need to find yourself, you need to understand how beautiful you are, how fantastic your Soul is and you need to discover that YOU CAN… EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. You need to discover that anything is possible in your life. I did and am doing in my life. A coach is not better than anyone else, but maybe understood a little bit more and puts in practice a little bit more. Everyone has an Infinite Power inside…it’s only matter to discover it!

Coaching is one of the greatest tools to discover ourselves. It’s not a case if US President, Dalai Lama, very famous entrepreneurs hired a coach. I understood I faced, I am facing challenges in my life and I love them. What we call problem is an opportunity and a challenge to go beyond ourselves. I’m noticing that only people who are ready to have a real change in their lives, a real breakthrough come to me to ask for coaching. I know that we need courage to go inside ourselves, because I did and I do every day. Anyway, the reward is priceless: when you find yourself, you find everything, you find the God within you.

No depression, please. ACTION!!!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Life is all a Desire. Manifesting by the Law of Attraction

This blog post is about desires and their manifestation. Maybe, you have never thought about that in these terms, but everything is a desire in our life. Everything comes from a desire. Even when you want to have a glass of water is a desire! When you turn the key of your car to go somewhere, turning that key is a desire. Normally, we don’t think about all the desires we express everyday, because we do it automatically more and more than we could think. We are not aware of the incredible amount of desires we express on our daily life. We think that desires are only a beautiful house, a holiday, a job, a lover, a baby…

Some months ago, I wrote many scripts in which I described in detail many of my desires. Many of them were related to my coaching practice and other to attract objects/people/ situations. Since some months, I’m working on attracting money, releasing any contrast inside myself. I did many things, such as watching videos on YouTube about manifesting money from many sources. One of my favourite ones is Esther Hicks/Abraham. She is one of the most important contributors to the understanding of the Law of Attraction.

I used different techniques to reach the manifestation of what I wanted. I started with a technique I literally love: scripting. It consists in writing a sort of story of what you want, focusing the attention, your energy on any detail of what you want. I like using this technique with clients, because I found it very powerful. Then, I used another fantastic technique: the visualization.

During these last months I had beautiful manifestations, one after one, and many of the things I wrote just happened. I give some examples. I desired to be interviewed and this happened various times. Then, I desired to do teleseminars and Lorna Blake contacted me to ask me to be among the 10 women in her tele-summit series, as the only coach representing Europe. I was very honoured and my happiness for that increased my vibrations more and more. Now, Lorna and I consider ourselves Soul Sisters!

I wrote I wanted to attract beautiful souls in my life and this happened, too. In these last few months, I met personally or on Facebook many wonderful friends. Some women among them became like sisters for me. We understand each other perfectly. The Universe knows how to do its job perfectly! Lol

Among my desires about objects to attract, there were a Dell laptop and a new mobile, an i-Phone. Today, I manifest my new Dell Laptop, thanks to which I’m writing this new blog post. First, I manifest the money I received as gift from my parents, during my last holidays in Sicily. So, I understood my vibrational work on money, my prayers to Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Prosperity and Abundance) and visualizations worked wonderfully. I had this desire since one year and now, at this moment in time, I became the perfect match to my dreamed laptop. I bought it in God’s shops, so to speak. Yep, because when we attract what we want, we emit a certain frequency to match our desire. This is the sort of “qualification” you need to be able to go inside God’s shops. About the mobile, apparently in few weeks I will have it. I changed my mind about attracting an i-Phone. I received so many signs about it wouldn’t have been the right choice. I attracted many information about a better one, the Android Desire (look at the name of this model). Let’s see.

How attracted all these things, which there are just some examples of what I attracted during these last months? Initially, I wrote the script, then a little bit of visualization. I told myself that the Universe would have taken care of all the details and that I just made my orders to it. Sometimes, I saw an advertising about a laptop near a bus stop with the slogan: Get One! I told myself mentally: Yes, thank you! Today, I got one!

What I would like to convey you about my personal experiences is:

  • Believe in the Law of Attraction, being this law in your life and working 24 hours a day;
  • Know more about the Law of Attraction, so you will be able to exploit of it;
  • Have clear ideas about what you want, focus your attention/energy on it;
  • Make your order to the Universe, don’t be shy in doing that. The Universe is so abundant;
  • Have Faith in yourself, in your infinite power of creation, be sure the result is just in your life. Faith is the key thing in the Law of Attraction;
  • Although you don’t have money or enough of it to meet your desire in your now, don’t worry about it. Just focus your attention/energy on the final result and perceive that what you want is just in your life, get this feeling;
  • Just take care of your flow (the connection with the Source), because this is the most important thing you can do to achieve all the rest;
  • Appreciate what you just have in your life, doing a daily appreciation exercise;
  • Pray (if you are a believer), telling “thank you so much for receiving ....”. This way, you are expressing your faith 100% about the final result. You are telling: got my desire, thank you God! This is the best move you can do, in terms of the Law of Attraction.

When you have a desire, don’t be attached to the result. Just place your “order” into the Universe, having the thought and feeling that your desire is just realised in your life. Feel the joy, excitement, happiness about you got just the result . If you express pure and clear vibration, you will aligned energetically to attract what you want. The key thing is Faith 100%! Only this way, you will connect yourself to Kamaloca (word from Sanskrit: Kama = Desires; Loca = Places), the vibrational plan of the desires and you will attract whatever you like…everything, everything, everything.

Another beautiful manifestation of today is about my group on Facebook “Expansion of Your Wonderful Souls”, which counts more than 850 members. Few months ago, we were 250. The energy on my group’s wall is wonderful and many of my friends love to come there to post beautiful content. I’m very grateful to God, to all the Spiritual Beings who help me (I know and had proofs about that) for all these beautiful manifestations. By the way, this blog is one of the greatest ones of these last few months, together with the Group on Facebook. Go inside God’s shop! I can assure you that the customer service is more than excellent! When you have such kind of experience, you want to shop more and more there. Finally, I can touch what my eyes dreamed on.