Personal Coaching: One to One with LINDA

First of all, in a One to One with me, you can choose between 3 languages: Italian, English and Spanish.

Coaching for me is more and more than just set up goals and their achievement. I see from the results in the lives of all the people I coached.

What I convey to clients is the existence of a vibrational aspect in everything and everyone, connected to the Law of Attraction. My service is tailor made on clients’ goals and areas of life, on which they want to work. During the coaching process, clients discover who they really are in their Essence and the Infinite Power in their within.

Expectations by clients

When you work with me, you will be more aware about the kind of thoughts you have, acquiring the practice to shift negative thoughts to positive ones, being aware how the Law of Attraction works and being aware of the Infinite Power within you.


Create  and Clarify your Vision, through:

  • Powerful Questions;
  • Intuitive Listening;
  • Creative Techniques;
  • Removing Barriers & “Shoulds”;
  • Accessing Soul Whispering.


And Enjoy:

  • Your Passions;
  • Your Gifts;
  • Your Best Options;
  • Your Resources;
  • Your Purpose.


Be empowered by:

  • Inspired Actions;
  • Accountability by Choice;
  • Your Success!

In spite of different kinds of techniques, I use my intuitive part, when I work with clients.
The medium I use for coaching: mail, Skype, Messenger and face to face, only in some cases. 

The Process

Phase One: Clarification and Goal Setting - During this initial phase we will work to clarify what it is that you are looking to achieve from the coaching both in terms of the difficulties that you are currently facing and where you would like to get to by the end.

Phase Two: Developing Awareness and Implementing Strategies - By exploring the process by which the difficulties you are experiencing occur we will develop a basis to learn and implement techniques and new awareness to help you develop your potential.

Phase Three: Fine Tuning, Further Support and Ending - During this final phase we will look at how well these changes that have been implemented are working and whether or not we need to do any further fine tuning.

My Vision

Looking at each seed grows in harmony with Nature, becoming  a unique example, aware of its colours, perfumes and characteristics, which is able to produce flowers and tasty fruits, which is able to exploit of the sunlight, drinks the water of the rain and absorbs the nourishment of the earth.

My Mission

Helping people to recognize and express potentialities and abilities at the best, exploiting of the precious leverage of uniqueness, building bridges towards the future. Overcoming inner obstacles, developing attitudes and behaviours, which can lead to excellent results. Helping people to expand their Light side, their Soul, by explaining the vibrational aspects and the role the Law of Attraction plays in our lives. 

How to contact me:

I work with clients on a monthly basis. If you are interested in working with me or would like to have more information, feel free to contact me at this e-mail address:


"Met Linda through a client of mine who had referred her as one of the most awesome coached for LOA. I was going through one of my darkest phases of life and had completely been cut off from the source. All I lived was in fear, till I had a session with Linda. She without forcing it, so beautifully guided my thoughts to the source and ensured I went back to what I was born to live as - Happy and Prosperous. What makes her amazing and different is the inspirational and though provoking quotes she tells forcing you to think positive and believe in it.I recommend her to anyone who wants to be reunited with their source".
Priyashmita Guha, Bangalore - India

"When I was first introduced to you I was at a low point in my life. What with your coaching sessions, I really feel I have moved forward in leaps and bounds. I now feel that through you, I have opened many new doors to lots of new & exciting like minded people and a refreshing new way of thinking. You have been a real inspiration to me and I know my daughter Louisa speaks very highly of you too. I am totally plugged in and living proof of how effective your coaching is xx"
Kimberley Jones, London - UK 

"I would just like to say that Linda is a GREAT coach. I had a conversation with her about something that was bothering my brains. By the time we ended the conversation, I was feeling so much better and was looking at the situation 4m a totally different angle. I felt I was going downstream with the advices she gave. Thanks Linda and all the best always".
B.R., London - UK 

"Linda 'ferried' my Wonderful Soul towards Light. A Journey of the Soul, A Journey which I would never have been able to do without this Compass. I lost myself, without knowing where to go and what to do...but now, I know where I'm going and 'Everywhere' I want to go!".
Stefania Matassa, London - UK 

My Beautiful Linda!!! This message is from the bottom of my heart!!!! thank you so much because thanks to your coaching sessions, now I'm able to shift my negative thoughts into positive ones. I'm practising your technique of "Next one" and it works so wonderfully. And what you told me it's the truth: the more I pract...ise this tecnique, the more is automatic shifting my thoughts for better. I love myself more, thanks to the technique of the mirror. In case, I loose my Flow, now I know what to do and I'm able to do it. Thank you so much, Linda! Your coaching is helping me a lot in achieving very important things in my life, especially to be connected with God, more and more. I love your coaching style and I experiment how is effective. Love you so so much!!! :O) 

Francisca Giannini, Chile

I'm someone who has worked hard on my self development for more than two decades; I've read everything, done everything and I'm not a beginner. Since I've been a mother, I have had little time to look after me, and sometimes life has become overwhelming, given that I work aswell. I've known Linda for eight months now as a friend on FB, and I was lucky enough to experience a one off coaching session with her. Never having had a life coaching session (though I have had plenty of other therapies and treatments) I was delighted and surprised at the impact it has had on me. I made notes during the phone conversation, and I have been referring to them regularly and repeating the positive things I have been recommended to say to get back to my flow and achieve what I want. Linda is a very spiritual and evolved coach who I can see, will be facilitating many great achievements in her clients in the future. As a coach, she is a great choice.
Sue, London, UK

"I have only spoken to you once and have exchanged a couple of emails..but strangely I have immediately felt the strong connection and
the flow of energy. You emanate radiance and positivity. Your wor...
ds fills one with hope, faith and goodness. It helps to shut out the dark and everything associated with it..all you can feel is brightness, light and an immense faith in GOD.I hope that your words will resonate far and wide and cast a wonderful shadow of positive energy on people..and the world will be such a great place to live in. We just need a few people like you to make this come true!!"



Let the Adventure begin!