Saturday, 31 July 2010

From 1st August 2010, You can book with me Single Coaching Sessions

When my clients look at themselves with “the Look of Self Love”, they increase their Vibration and they start to have such Beautiful
Manifestations in their lives. ~ Linda Lattuca

From August 1st 2010, you can book with me even a Single Coaching Session. Many people had an incredible shift or caught up their Flow again, thanks to a single session. Have a look at different testimonials on my page "Personal Coaching: One to One with Linda". Contact me and I will tell you more! ;)

Here two testimonials I received recently:

My Beautiful Linda!!! This message is from the bottom of my heart!!!! thank you so much because thanks to your coaching sessions, now I'm able to shift my negative thoughts into positive ones. I'm practising your technique of "Next one" and it works so wonderfully. And what you told me it's the truth: the more I pract...ise this tecnique, the more is automatic shifting my thoughts for better. I love myself more, thanks to the technique of the mirror. In case, I loose my Flow, now I know what to do and I'm able to do it. Thank you so much, Linda! Your coaching is helping me a lot in achieving very important things in my life, especially to be connected with God, more and more. I love your coaching style and I experiment how is effective. Love you so so much!!! :O)

Francisca Giannini, Chile

I'm someone who has worked hard on my self development for more than two decades; I've read everything, done everything and I'm not a beginner.
Since I've been a mother, I have had little time to look after me, and sometimes life has become overwhelming, given that I work aswell. I've known Linda for eight months now as a friend on FB, and I was lucky enough to experience a one off coaching session with her. Never having had a life coaching session (though I have had plenty of other therapies and treatments) I was delighted and surprised at the impact it has had on me. I made notes during the phone conversation, and I have been referring to them regularly and repeating the positive things I have been recommended to say to get back to my flow and achieve what I want. Linda is a very spiritual and evolved coach who I can see, will be facilitating many great achievements in her clients in the future. As a coach, she is a great choice.

Sue, London, UK

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