Monday, 25 April 2011

The biggest challenge of your life

Which is the biggest challenge of your life? Your MBA or University degree? Your new job? Maybe! Anyway, there is perhaps one you don’t consider: you! I mean leading yourself. That’s the biggest challenge to face in this life and this is part of your soul’s expansion, the main purpose why you are here.

How can you be a good leader if you are not able to lead yourself? How to mentor your team? You can reply: “I am not interested in being a leader!” I have a news for you: you are a leader, anyway…of yourself, at least. And if you are a mum or dad, if you have children, you are also a leader. How to be a good leader with your family, your team, your friends…?

Leadership is a daily inside job. Till now, the only answer I found about true leadership is that the only way to be a good leader is leading from within. What does it mean? It means that a good leader is someone who:

  • Is authentic, ethic, with integrity and honesty
  • Is never tired to learn (practice of Kaizen = Japanese word which means constant learning)
  • Sets up goals, having daily mini-goals, weekly, monthly and yearly goals
  • Schedules, keeping flexibility
  • Is very passionate about what he/she does
  • Has guts, courage, vision, a balance between mind and heart
  • Is nice and firm (when necessary)
  • Celebrates achievements with his/her team (which can be the family)
  • Develops other leaders (= the best legacy)
  • Enjoys life (travelling, food lover, sportive passion…)
  • Mentors and rewards his/her team, making the time for doing all that
  • Loves to meet others to have an exchange (constant learning), but at the same time stays on his/her own for regeneration and finding new inspiration
  • Embraces his/her fears, killing the killers of self-esteem
  • Loves challenges
  • Works on self-confidence on a daily basis
  • Works for having balance in all different areas of life (Inner life, health, family, financial, career, friends, lifestyle, influence/impact/legacy)
  • Has understood that health/energy is the first priority
  • Knows what others call problems is part of the soul’s expansion and only opportunity
  • Takes responsibility for everything, for his/her destiny, being aware to be the captain of his/her soul
  • Starts and ends days with a world-class mindset
  • Wakes up very early to acquire a world-class mindset for having a world-class day, using winning tactics and techniques

Ultimately, a good leader is the one who is able to lead himself/herself at the best, having an impact on others’ lives, having influence on others and leading by example. Face your biggest challenge and enjoy the process.

Lead from within!

Linda Lattuca

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