Sunday, 22 August 2010

I come from Eternity, I go to Eternity

This title comes from one of the greatest teachings I received from my Spiritual Master Swami Maheshananda, who came into my life in 1999 and who I still follow. This blog post is especially dedicated to my dear friend Tina Sledger. Last June, Tina and many other friends on Facebook were affected by the “death” of one of their best friends. Everyone disappeared during almost a month from Facebook and for Tina this was a very tough moment. One night, I coached her telling her many of the things I’m going to write here and sharing with all of you. In this last period, I was affected by 3 losses: 2 in Sicily and a special friend, who had hosted my mum, 2 friends of mine and I in 1987, in London.

The night I coached Tina, I told her that we have to label everything in this dimension and humans decided to use the label “death” to call the end of the vital parameters. The point is that there is no end, like when a film is finished at the cinema, because “your film” carries on in another dimension, that you will match, depending on your spiritual development, as a result of the last life you had and the previous ones. It’s related to the Law of Attraction, do you see it?

The Soul who “dies” sees himself/herself, coming outside from the body, looking at that body, looking maybe at everyone else who is in despair for that. Many souls don’t realise to be in another dimension, when they passed away; they need some time to realise it and most of the times they receive help from other spiritual beings. I know perfectly that many of you will feel uncomfortable in reading this blog post because of the fear of the death.

Death doesn’t exist, because like my Master used to say: “Death is just a change of dress”. It’s a soul’s expansion overcoming the fear of the death and it is one of the most important achievements we can have in this life. Work on it, it is so important. How? First of all, be aware that you are deciding, being in charge of your life, to overcome the fear about something which doesn’t exist. It is a non issue, so to speak! Try to focus your attention on what you are choosing in this life, in terms of thoughts, feelings, actions and omissions.

Another important thing you can do for you, related to this “passage” is working on your attachments. Don’t be attached to anything/anyone. If you will be conscious and you will understand you are leaving this dimension, focus your attention to one of the spiritual beings you believe (if you are a believer): it could be Jesus, The Virgin Mary, a Saint, Allah, Buddha, Krishna…Don’t think to the family, friends, money, properties, jewellery you are leaving, because if you express attachments you need to come back again to understand that it is better to not have attachments.

We are more than a body; we are spiritual beings in a body, which is the temple of our soul. We come to this dimension, because we didn’t understand some lessons. We didn’t understand “who” we really are, but when we understand it we are not submitted to the Law of Karma anymore and you resurge, you are saved from coming back again and again on this planet. And like it happens when you got a diploma, you can pass to another level of learning: you can live in another dimension, experiencing something else. Anyway, that happens in our “intermediate” lives, before coming again on the Earth. Remember that we are eternal beings, because “we come from Eternity and we go to Eternity”.


  1. grazie Linda per aver affrontato questo argomento tanto importante quanto affascinante,penso che essere consapevoli dell'eternità delle nostre anime ci aiuta a realizzare più velocemente la nostra crescita spirituale ....non siamo in balia del destino ma dei nostri pensieri ed emozioni,lavorare su di essi significa accumulare l'unico tesoro che possiamo portarci sempre dietro nel nostro eterno esistere......CIAO meravigliosa creatura! GIO'

  2. We must be able to drop all attachment and move on at anytime. Life might seem under control most of the time, but really it’s more like a broken down truck hurling down a rough hillside at breakneck speed … we will all die, that is inevitable, it can happen at anytime and at any speed other then the current one; don’t worry, no one has ever survived.

    Look at it this way, this is just a ride and some time sooner or later you gotta get of and move on kid.