Saturday, 28 August 2010

Karma and Law of Attraction

One of my strongest beliefs is the Law of Karma, one of the Universal Laws, called the Law of “Cause and Effect”. Karma is a Sanskrit word which means “Action”. Basically, the principle of this law is: everything you put out in a Now Moment of your life will come back to you one day. And how it will come back to you is exactly what you put out in a certain Now Moment of your life, in terms of thoughts, feelings, actions and omissions. Recently, I thought to Karma again and again, relating it to the Law of Attraction.

What is happening in our life is the result of our thoughts, feelings, actions and omissions of our present life and, at the same time, the collection of effects, which come as result of Now Moments of past lives. I believe in Reincarnation, because I think that there is so much to learn and that one life is not enough! When you believe in Reincarnation and Karma, you finally understand why certain events (sometimes tragic) happen in your life.

Many people think that Karma has only a negative connotation, but it has not. Someone thinks that Karma is only “a debt, something to pay”. And what about the credits? How much are we receiving in this life? That’s the result of causes, good ones, we put out in this life or past lives. Unfortunately, it’s common to focus the attention only on “debts”, never on “credits”. It’s good to thank for all we are receiving in this life, doing a daily appreciation exercise, which help us to increase our vibration.

When we face a tough situation, the best thing we can do is looking at it from a higher perspective (you need just to train yourself in doing that!), accepting the “effect” which is coming back. If we flow, accepting the situation, we will face it easier, we will receive help in many cases or the situation will solve by itself. When we are not able to accept what is happening in our life, we crash, we don’t flow. Like Bruce Lee adviced in a fabulous video, the best thing to do is “being like water”, flowing and flowing, not crashing. Only this way, we will be connected with the Source, being in a good flow, although the situation outside us. The most important thing is how the “situation” inside us.

Since many years, I strongly believe in Karma and thanks to this awareness I was able to face my tough moments looking at them from a higher perspective, having a “helicopter view”, so to speak! For these reasons, it’s very important to focus our attention on our better thoughts, feelings, actions, paying attention to omissions (especially for those who have a high level of spiritual knowledge. They know more and for this reason they are more responsible for), not only in terms of Law of Attraction, but also in terms of Karma.

We are creating our present life and at the same time our next one/ones. When you understand who you really are, you pay attention more and more to what you think, say, do and don’t do. Karma and Law of Attraction are “hand in hand”.

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