Thursday, 30 December 2010

Linda Lattuca's Life's Lessons for a Happy New Year

Hi my dear friends,

I thought it was a good idea to write a list of actions to do for a happier New Year.
This is my idea of the best things to do during 2011:

1. Set up your goals
2. Tell the truth to yourself/others (if in telling the truth you would damage someone, keep silence)
3. Don't live in front of a computer, hidding yourself. Improve your social life.
4. Don't stay late at work
5. Do what you love
6. Stop gossiping at work or everywhere
7. Daily exercise (walk more)
8. Eat more fruit and veggies
9. Eat more Omega 3
10. Get some sunshine
11. Stay in Nature (with and in the elements)
12. Read great books written from great men (such as biographies). Read at least 30 minutes a day
13. Choose good company, people who support you. Step away from those ones have self-esteem issues and who put you down
14. Make meat a treat (it is better being vegetarian)
15. Ask and it is given. Don't be shy in asking
16. Practise Yoga
17. Practise Martial Arts
18. Practice meditation
19. Get up early
20. Sept up mini goals every morning
21. Be on time
22. Smile
23. Think positive to attract the positive
24. Have Faith 100% in yourself = self-esteem
25. Go sailing
26. Drink 2 Liters water daily
27. Laugh
28. Practice the Law of Attraction than the "Law of Ego"
29. Sleep 7 hours
30. Keep learning
31. Have a massage every week.

Wishing you a Great New Year and beautiful manifestations.

Linda Lattuca
Inner Wisdom & Law of Attraction Coach

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