Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Happy Birthday “Expansion of Your Wonderful Soul”!

On 9th March 2010, my blog “Expansion of Your Wonderful Soul” was born on Google platform. It was a great challenge and at the same time a great fun for me. I didn’t have the clue how to set up a blog. How did I do it? Just doing it! I learnt in doing it! Very simple. My first blog posts were about “everything is energy”, “the Law of Attraction” and my idea about coaching.

I would like to thank all my friends, followers, people who supported me during all this year. I am trying to do my best in sharing with all of you many things I know, I learnt and still learning. One of my passions is writing and this blog gave me the possibility to exercise this gift I have in this life and also to improve my English…I hope! Sorry for my mistakes I do! It’s part of my expansion!

I am trying to write about topics or giving advice to have an impact on others’ lives and to help them in their soul’s expansion. It’s what I do with my coaching practise. I would love to hear from you about suggestions or advise, to share what you would like to know. I like having feed-back from those who follow me. Please, fell free to write me, asking questions or giving me advice to let my blog and what I do become better and better.

My purpose is serving you at the best, with high professionalism, great values, passion, commitment, joy and happiness. Thank you for helping me in my soul’s expansion. Thank you to be here!

Wishing you beautiful manifestations!

Keep leading from Within!

Linda Lattuca

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