Saturday, 25 June 2011


I came across a small book from Deepak Chopra, who inspired me a lot many years ago, when I started to work on my self-discovery with awareness. The title of the book is “The Soul of Leadership”. In this book, he told about the meaning for him of the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R.S. After I read something from this book, I was meditating about this acronym, too and my meaning of it. That is what I would like to share with you in this blog post.

L = Law of Attraction of Attraction and Law of Karma:

True leaders know the universal laws and especially these two. They know how to play at the best in their lives, exploiting of the universal laws. They know very well that the Universe is conspiring to make their dreams come true. The Law of Attraction works 24 hours a day in everyone’s life, but only few people know it. True leaders study the principles which govern nature and they apply what they have learnt in their life on a daily basis. They pay attention to their thoughts, feelings, words they speak and actions. True leaders know also the Law of Karma; they know that what they put out, they will receive back. They take responsibility for everything they do.

E = Empowerment

True leaders love empowering themselves. They do it reading books written by great souls; they listen to audiobooks even when they drive, commute or doing their workout. True leaders attend seminars on line or live to expand their knowledge and ultimately their soul. They know that if they don’t have, they can’t give others. Only if they empower themselves in many ways, they are able to empower other souls.

A = Action

True leaders love the process of creation and they have guts to take action to make their dreams come true. They love shipping projects, they love having new experience. And if they “fail”, they stand-up again, carrying on in what they do, learning from their experience. Many human beings stop themselves at the phase of creation, because they don’t overcome their fears: fear of success, of failure or to be judged.

D = Dream

True leaders love dreaming BIG. They know that they are not limits in dreaming and that the only existing limits are the ones we create by ourselves (the bars of our “golden cage”). They dream new projects, new connections, a new life style…They dream to inspire others, to grow other leaders. They have 100% faith their dreams come true; that is why they manifest what they desire. The Universe is their best friend, which supplies them everything they want, just because they “know the rules of the game” and they play at their best.

E = Embracing fears

True leaders embrace their fears. This way, they embrace their life. They know they have the command, that they are the captain of their soul. They use fears to boost their courage. It is also exciting embracing their fears. In doing that, they expand their comfort zone, increasing their confidence.

R = Responsibility

As captain of their soul, true leaders know they are responsible for everything happens in their lives. If they don’t like something, they have the courage to change it.

S = Self-Discovery

True leaders understand that the most fascinating, wonderful, interesting journey is the one in their within. Only when we discover who we truly are and our infinite power, we start thinking, speaking and acting in a very different way. Magically, our outer world changes for better, because we have changed our inner world. We can travel around the world and this is fantastic to be open- minded, but if we miss the journey in our within, we miss the main purpose of our life on this planet: our soul’s expansion.

Keep leading from Within!

Linda Lattuca

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