Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Tonight, I received a very important message from Higher Level of Consciousness, which I can summarize in one word: FOCUS! What does Focus mean? Focus means putting your maximum attention in whatever you do, pursuing the excellence. Whatever thing you are doing, do it with passion, with the highest quality, do it from your heart. Staying focused on what we are doing is crafting our mind and only when "We master our Mind, we master our Life" (one of the quotes I made up recently, after reading a great book I advise you: As you think from James Allen).

Everyday, stay focus on your BIG 5 goals of this year, then split them in 5 daily mini goals. Think how many goals you will achieve in a month! And in a year? Powerful? Yes, it is. Everyday, during my "Holy Hour", I do my Spiritual Practises and that's the great chance I give myself to become better and better, stronger and stronger! It's an incredible exercise to stay focused in what I am doing. It can be a prayer or singing a Mantra or a visualization, which is so powerful. If I sing "Gayatri Mantra", for example I focus my attention on the words I speak, to the exact pronunciation. Yes, because if the pronunciation is wrong, the Mantra won't have the desired effect, because word is energy and word is so powerful. That's Focus! The more you will excercise your mind this way, the more you will acquire the habit to stay focused in everything you will do, avoiding distractions.

We live in a world, full of distractions and it's so easy to be distracted, especially from technology: Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, TV...Try to do what you do pursuing perfection. I are thinking: no one is perfect! I would say that we are perfect in our imperfections! Anyway, if you look for perfection, maybe you can catch excellence! Focus your attention on your goals, having fun, enjoying the process, because this is very important to increase your vibrations. When the thought goes energy flows. Stick the paper with your Big 5 goals in front of you, look at them and recite them everyday, every morning.

The image I chose for this blog post is the cover of an old book, about Focus in business. Focus is essential, if you want to achieve excellent results. If you do everything pursuing high quality, you will have high quality results. Remember...what you put out, you will receive back!

Linda Lattuca
Inner Wisdom & Law of Attraction Coach

"Master Your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit
to Master Your Life"

Linda Lattuca

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