Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Power of Your Voice: Word is energy like everything else!

One of the techniques I give my clients to increase the self-esteem is doing affirmations in front a mirror, affirming how wonderful they really are and to celebrate themselves, first of all to have the courage to be in sessions with me, embracing the fear to change. I know it seems cheesy, standing in front of a mirror, telling yourself: “I love myself, I love myself, I love myself”. Every client, and I know from my personal experience, reports how tough is at the beginning to do this affirmation, because you affirm without trust.

Anyway, repetition is a key factor to reach success and when you practise affirmations, one day you start to believe in what you are telling yourself, increasing your confidence. Then, you start to love this practise and the more you do, the more many people in your life start to give you compliments and many aspects of your outer life change, because you change your inner life.

The power of affirmations is tremendous, because word is energy like everything else. That’s why is so important to pay attention not only to our thoughts, but also at every word we speak. I know…you are thinking: impossible! I reply: No! It’s possible! Success is the result of training, so only with a daily practise you can master the way you speak. Clean up your language: don’t swear, don’t use negative words, don’t watch news or read newspapers (I don’t watch TV since 1 year), delete from your vocabulary the word “impossible”, please!

Create your own positive vocabulary; create your own positive affirmations, your “Success declarations” - I learnt this way to call affirmations from the famous Leadership Coach Robin Sharma. Here you are one I am practising. It’s from Émile Coué:

"Every day and in every way,

I become better and better, stronger and stronger".

My spiritual Master told me to create an energetic stream like a rhythm, while you are doing the affirmations, like rapping. It’s like to launch a spell into the Universe and I can assure you that it so powerful! Practise this affirmation every single day. It becomes your “Mantra” to recite as much as you can. It is better doing it aloud. You can do it also mentally, but aloud is better and better. This Mantra will work inside yourself at a deep level and it will become like when you have a song in your mind and you mentally sing it.

Personally, I feel happiness and joy when I do my affirmations, while I am “rapping”, launching the magical energetic stream into the Universe.

During my “Holy Hour”, among the things I do, I sing Mantras in Sanskrit (the Mantra of Courage, Gayatri Mantra and others) and I pay attention to the pronunciation a lot, because the sound of a word is energy and if I want to have a certain result, I need to use the correct pronunciation of those words.

Do affirmations in the morning to have a fabulous start, to go out with a confident and positive attitude, if you want to have an impact on others, if you want to play a better game, if you want “to be the change you want to see in the world”, like Mahatma Gandhi used to say. Do affirmations before going to bed, because it is the time we reprogram our subconscious. Just do it and you will see!

Affirmations are of course only a part of the work to do on ourselves, but they are a very important part. Practise and practise to see tremendous results in your life. Be happy in doing it, feel joy and trust in the power of affirmations. That’s really important! Then, what are you going to lose if you try? Nothing. You can only gain!

Linda Lattuca

Inner Wisdom & Law of Attraction Coach

“Master your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit

To Master your Life”

Linda Lattuca

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