Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Law of Attraction: Like attracts Like

One of my strongest beliefs is the Law of Attraction, one of the universal laws, just like the one of Gravity. It’s a law which works in every moment of our life, but only few are aware of it. It relates to the most important concept: everything is Energy. How does it work, then? Thoughts become things! A thought is energy! During a day, we emit thousands of thoughts, signals to the Universe or Divine Matrix, as someone called it. The Universe doesn’t interpret the thought, but just read the signal and match it perfectly.

Unfortunately, very often, our mind is focused on negative thoughts, such as the lack of something or someone. And the Universe reads the signal and matches it exactly, as expressed by the content and the feelings of who emitted the signal. This is a very important concept. We are like magnets, so if we focus our attention on positive thoughts, feeling them, just like they have been realised, we increase the chance of attracting the result we desire. Just to give an image, the Universe is like the famous Genius of Alladdin.

Most people focus on the kind of life, things, people they don’t want to have. The result will be frustration, and receiving what they don’t want, but they are not aware that the negative thinking is what has caused this! On the contrary, if we focus our attention on what we want in our life, we emit these kind of signals to the Universe and the result will be happiness, joy, wealth, health…Words call Energy into form. Everything is vibration and we are like radios, which emit their signals in the Ether, the fifth element, together with water, fire, earth, air. It is so important to consider the vibrational aspect of everything and everyone, who pulses continuously and differently, depending on the kind of thoughts.

Some techniques, like visualization, can help the process of allowing the manifestation of a desire. The more we focus on a desire, by i.e. building a vision board (where we put images and affirmations), having the feeling we just had the result, the more we will increase our vibrations about that specific desire, which will be read by the Universe. At the same time, another process is important: being detached from the result. It’s the process of the “letting go”. The most important thing is being connected to the Source, being in a wonderful flow. This is the process of being in alignment with the Universe, necessary for the manifestation of our desires.

People tend to think that there’s not enough for everyone! This is a false belief! The Universe is abundant. Not everyone on Earth dreams a silver Mercedes! Maybe, a dealer in the market in Bangkok dreams a new boat for his business. Not everyone asks for the same thing!
I like the affirmation: God’s shops are always on sale! (Swami Maheshananda). But to go inside those shops, you have to get a sort of qualification: being connected to the Source, feeling certain kinds of vibrations.

We have everything in our within, but for our material desires, we don’t know that we have everything we want at a vibrational level.
We miss that “qualification”, from a vibrational point of view. But if we get that “qualification” and we will be able to go inside God’s shops, it will be tough to come out from them. We will get whatever we want and, in many cases, much more, than our desires.

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  1. Great post! The part that says, "we will be able to go inside God’s shops" is something I've never heard expressed before. I love the image it brings to mind, and the feeling.