Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My Vision about Coaching

I don’t like branding everything and everyone. That’s why I don’t like the definition of “Life” Coach. I like more just Coach. In courses, it is a common practice to teach that the job of a coach is helping others in the set up of their goals and in the achievement of them. With all respect for all the people that think this way, in my opinion, there is much more to coaching. Because I see the Energy in Everything and Everyone is natural for me considering the vibrational aspects of this process.

I don’t like a lot being branded as a “Spiritual Coach”, because we are all spiritual beings and no matter if we are interested or not in spiritual issues. This is how the things are in this dimension. In my opinion, helping another spiritual being who comes to me, is helping him/her to understand who he/she really is. In the process of coaching, we assist in the constant expansion of the soul of the coachee who asks for guidance. But at the same time, even the coach expands his/her soul. When someone is coached and has successfully started to shift negative thoughts to positive ones and increased the self confidence, we assist automatically to a shift at a vibrational level. That’s because thoughts are energy!

Different techniques can help the person to increase the vibrations, reaching a more constant connection with the Source. For this reason, the coachee starts to feel a sense of euphoria, happiness, well being. This is a sign that there is a connection to the Source. The concept is very simple: think about the electricity we have in our homes. Electricity is always there, but it depends if we plug in or out! It’s the same at a spiritual/vibrational level. If we are plugged into the Source, we start to express the divinity which exists within us, towards ourselves and others. If we are plugged out, we feel depressed, moody, and without energy. We are disconnected. Of course, this power is not at the same level every day, but this depends on us and not on the Source. It depends on the kind of vibrations we feel in a certain moment. During the days that they are not really smooth, we can feel lower vibes. Anyway, the most important thing is to be connected with the Source, which means being connected with Everything, Universe, Divine Matrix, God…

I like sailing and that’s why I explain to those who ask me for help that I can be beside them, just like a GPS, gives guidance. Then, the coachee has to find the answers by himself/herself. The coach can do the cartography, checking if the boat is going to the right destination. The coachee decides the destinations (areas of life to work), discovering how to do it and the coach can give assistance in this amazing process. Everyone is the master of his/her destiny and the captain of his/her soul – as affirmed by the famous author Napoleon Hill (in the book “Think and grow rich”).

From my point of view, coaching is a fantastic way to help others to increase their Light side, to help them in understanding and expressing who they really are and to make the difference in others’ lives.

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  1. Linda, this is a BEAUTIFUL blog! Very nice! :)