Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Universe and the present Transformation

We are used to speak about the Universe. Of course, we are human and we use this word. When very high Spiritual Beings of other dimensions speak about it, they tend to say: like you, humans, call it!

I feel very blessed, because last night, I learned more about the term Universe and know that my source is The Source!

First of all there are so many Universes, they are uncountable and one Universe penetrates into another one. The Universe, in which we live, in this dimension, was born because of a crash of two masses of energy. So, we can assume that the theory of the “Big Bang” is plausible and everything just existed, like told from a very high dimension. Habitually, people speak about Co-Creation and Co-Creator, but the Creation just was there – like from very high dimension said. They say that speaking about Creation and Co-Creator is wrong! That’s why I don’t agree in the use of the word Co-Creator, but I agree with the word Creator, speaking about the reality we create by our thoughts (Law of Attraction!).

The Earth is in a very special and blessed moment, although to our human eyes many catastrophes and “negative” events are happening. The Earth is submitted to cycles, called Yugas (Eras), described in the scriptures of Hinduism, and each of them covers, more or less, 24.000-26.000 years. At the moment, we are in the cycle called the Dvapara Yuga and this is an incredible chance for an amazing Expansion, many souls can experience, if they take care of their spiritual development. This is what was said by the High Spheres!

You have to know that the Sun has a double, an etheric Sun, which is irradiating the Earth with its powerful Light. In fact, we are living in the “Era of Light”, which is a unique chance to make an incredible expansion of the soul and which is coming after 24.000 years. So, the CHANCE is HERE and NOW! In my personal life, I tell myself, that this “lap” is important! It’s a Unique Chance! Of course, the exposure to this incredible and powerful Light is causing some effects on our Planet and on humans. The main one is that all the worst things are coming up! The Darkness suffers so much this powerful light and tries to express in everything and everyone its power, affecting many human beings, using them and afterwards “throwing them away”.

What should we do to take the Chance? Enlighten ourselves. If you go inside a room in the darkness, what do you do? You turn on the light, right? This is advisable: turn on the wonderful Light within us, the most beautiful gift, we have received from God, as part of Him! How to turn on the Light? We could do many things, but the most important one is telling the truth! Yes, telling the truth! First of all, to ourselves, because in our self talk, we are used to cheating ourselves, continuously. And of course, telling the truth to others, if this doesn’t cause damages to others (in that case, it’s better to be in silence). Another important thing is trying to cause less damage as possible to everything and everyone, practising the Good as much as possible, towards ourselves and others. I like to specify ourselves, because very few people put themselves on the top of the list: they love to put others first, resulting in lack of self esteem, and lack of being gentle and kind with themselves.

Another important thing, that was advised by the High Spheres, is to express Love. This is so important! Many people are shy in expressing love, to say “I love you” to parents, friends, a lover…Start from here and now in doing it! You are alive, so take this chance to do it! Use your heart, don’t “park it”! You have to know that there are spiritual beings, which have never come into this dimension and which have a very special admiration for those, who are able to express love towards themselves and others. They “envy”, so to speak, the chance we have to caress someone, for example; they have never experimented with this sensation and this is a “limit” for them! But we are here and the chance is now! Take it!

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